CEO Message

Are you an ardent believer of the fact that matches are made in heaven and arranged on Earth? If yes, then do not deprive yourself of marital bliss.

Hello, I’m Hafiz Naveed (HN), the founder of our successful marriage service. With an educated background and public speaking skills, I understand the challenges of finding compatible partners in Pakistan, USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, and Gulf countries. As a father of two daughters, I empathize with the significance of family connections. Our goal is to introduce you to matches that meet your criteria, always with a compassionate approach. While we do charge for our services, we prioritize your needs above all else. With a well-organized matchmaking process and a vast network of matchmakers, we’re here to provide you with suitable proposals. Whether you’re seeking a life partner, know that we’re dedicated to assisting you on your journey to marital happiness.

Hafiz Naveed (HN), CEO, HN Matrimonial