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Our procedure for matchmaking is as simple as it gets because we always want to create ease of access for our customers.

  • To collect some vital information regarding matchmaking, we hold meeting either in-person or through audio/video calls with our clients at their earliest convenience. The main objective is to comprehend the requirements and needs in detail and elaborate on our matchmaking process.
  • A form is provided to our clients to fill up some essential and straightforward questions within that meeting, including pasting 2-3 full & fresh pictures. At this stage, the fee is also finalized to avoid any future bias.
  • Our company and the client form a formal contract on submitting the form and registration fee payment.
  • Our matchmaking service is available to registered clients only. On finalization of all formalities, we move on to matchmaking protocols.
  • We require the payment of remaining on completion of matchmaking service, finalized at the time of the deal.
  • We believe in delivering prompt service with no hidden charges. That is why we have maintained a clear and transparent communication process. We ensure your active involvement throughout your service term.
  • Our goal is to avoid inconvenience. Before submitting a match, we perform a background check on acquired information about the candidate. We ensure that profile details and photos are shared between families at the entry-level. The advantage of this practice is that only families that appear to be compatible are found. We insist you participate in the meeting only when you are satisfied with the first details.
  • We often share suitable proposal profiles with our clients via WhatsApp. The profile contains the basic details of the proposal and photos. If you have any questions regarding a proposal, you can always contact us.

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